Remote troubleshooting is taking control of a remote computer over the Internet to perform the necessary maintenance and fixing here are few benefits of this technology among many more:

  • Quick troubleshooting.

  • Reasonable price.

  • Security and confidentiality.

  • Machine ready to be used right after with no delay.

MAINTENANCE & OPTIMIZATION, say no to a slow running and underperforming PC, and yes to stability and performance.
VIRUS REMOVAL, our computer security expert connects to your PC to disable malicious programs for the security of your personal data.
COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTING, all Windows operating system errors like, blue screen, no icons on the desktop, no Wifi ... etc. are resolved in no time thanks to our secure remote access on your PC.
SOFTWARE INSTALLATION, any type of problem related to the installation of your software or it reinstallation by an expert.
CONFIGURATION EMAIL & PRINTER, we install and update your not being recognized printer by the PC. Your Windows email account will be activated, configured and customized.